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UL Approved

The Industry:

The need for durable, industrial, UL Approved labels has long been established and predominantly driven by the monochrome Thermal Transfer technology. As safety standards for equipment evolves the need for color Print On Demand UL Approved labels has exploded.  The EPSON Colorworks printer technology has advanced to the point where both indoor and outdoor UL Approved labels can be printed on demand without the need for an over-laminate.

Process Improvement:

The EPSON /  solution provides an opportunity to use one print on demand color label instead of multiple labels to accommodate various safety, warning, and agency logos.

  • Print on Demand UL Approved indoor labels in full color at up to 100 Degrees C
  • Low ink cost in comparison to Resin ribbon with Thermal Transfer Technology
  • High performance adhesive to meet the Automotive and Industrial marketplace label needs
  • IT can manage all printers in a network regardless of geographic location.


Company logos on the front and back of equipment needs the same brand recognition.  Print on demand color labels look perfect in color with all the durability needed with UL Approval.

  • Logos have accurate consistent colors every time
  • High quality attractive labels on the outside support high performance image of the product inside
  • Keep branding consistent economically with high durability.


Jessica Yazdzik