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UL Approved Labels
The need for durable, industrial, UL Approved labels has long been established and predominantly driven by the monochrome Thermal Transfer technology. As safety standards for equipment evolves the need for color Print On Demand UL Approved labels has exploded.  The EPSON Colorworks printer technology has advanced to the point where both indoor and outdoor UL Approved labels can be printed on demand without the need for an over-laminate.

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Coffee and Tea
The Coffee and Tea marketplace has transformed over the past decade into an industry beaming with high quality specialized brews.  The general buying public has refined its taste and preference and continuously looks for specialized variations to satisfy its interests.  As a result, the need for smaller roasting batches to create more quality variations has dramatically increased. The industry is turning to Print on Demand Coffee and Tea labels.

The Pharmaceutical industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. At this rate, the need to keep up with innovation while maintaining and growing profitability is a challenging task.  The utilization of the latest label adhesives, facestocks and printing technologies can greatly help achieve these goals. Print-On-Demand is being introduced where only “preprinted” labels resided in the past.