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The Industry:

The Pharmaceutical industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. At this rate, the need to keep up with innovation while maintaining and growing profitability is a challenging task.  The utilization of the latest label adhesives, facestocks and printing technologies can greatly help achieve these goals. Print-On-Demand is being introduced where only “preprinted” labels resided in the past. 




Process Improvement:

The EPSON /  solution can be used to increase patient safety with the use of color print-on-demand labels while reducing Lead-times. 

  • Print on Demand Autoclave labels that survive the heat and moisture of the sterilization process
  • Identify drug categories with color to assure proper medication is administered 
  • Print on Demand syringe labels with adhesives designed to wrap around a tight mandrel without flagging
  • Reduce costs with blank labels and eliminate waste of preprinted label inventory.
  • Print on Demand Gamma Indicating labels, with customizable “Integrated Gamma Indicator”



This industry looks to brand recognition for reliability, innovation, and reputation.  Presenting a brand consistently in color with a professional high-quality look helps distinguish and establish Market presence.

  • Logos and graphics have accurate consistent colors every time
  • High quality attractive labels on the outside support high performance image of the product inside
  • Use a gloss or matte finish to match your branded look



Jessica Yazdzik