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Gamma Integrated Labels

The Industry:

The industry continues to look to Gamma irradiation in many Market Verticals.  Generically, the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cannabis and Food industries all incorporate it on many products.  The technology is now available for Print On Demand Gamma labels with the inkjet EPSON ColorWorks printer line.  This brings a full color Print On Demand solution with integrated Gamma indication.  Confirmation that the contents of a container has been Gamma exposed to reduce or eliminate microorganisms to clean or sterilize is easily visualized.

Process Improvement:

Incorporating the EPSON /   solution with an integrated Gamma Indicator will simplify your process and reduce labor & waste.

  • Print on Demand Gamma labels in full color eliminates the need for a separate Gamma indicator label saving labor hours
  • Eliminate duplication of effort that results when product exposure cannot be confirmed because application of the separate Gamma label could have been missed
  • Preprinted Gamma indicator can be customized in size and location to suit your graphic needs, allowing you to print all other information in full color


Maintain branding continuity across the entire product line. Print on Demand Gamma labels are the perfect solution for adding color while maintaining the full durability needed. 

  • Logos have accurate consistent colors every time
  • Maintain a perfect company image in the lab or in a warehouse
  • Promotes customer confidence with professional Print on Demand labels
  • Economically keep branding consistent with high durability Print on Demand technology.